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Academic Support Services



Medical PPT presentation work out

Based on the given topic, rough idea and the basic information provided by the customer, our medical research experts will sort and gather the literature and accomplish a PPT presentation;

Academic Forum


A. Comments and reviews on the current leading edge of subject fields;

B. The recent research progress of a specific product;

C. Analyzing and presenting specified research results.


Related medical information collection


A. With proposed topics, key words and research objectives, our editor team will search and collect recent literature in the field. Based on the materials obtained, the team will submit a summary report pertaining to the research progresses. Eventually, the comprehensive report together with the literatures will be submitted to the customer;

B. Regularly, we sort and compile latest published literature of specific contents to keep pace with the most updated clinical research progress of a product for our customers.


Translation and polishing


According to the customer's requirements, the documents can be translated into the requested language, such as from Chinese to English, English to  Chinese, Chinese to Japanese, Japanese to Chinese. In addition, we can help customers polish their copywriter upon request.




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