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SCI publication plan



Rapid pre-review: Reviewed by our experts, and professional suggestions will be given in the pre-review report;

Profound review: Reviewed by senior editors/foreign experts. The manuscript will be carefully reviewed and our experts will conduct a throughout check to see whether the background of the topic is well illustrated, the experimental design is feasible, the data processing is reasonable and finally, whether the results form a logical story and the discussion is suitable. In the reviewed report, our experts advices will additionally focus on the novelty of the ideas, the recent academic process in the research field, as well as the major problems that limit the paper publication in SCI journals and other detail advices.

Professional English translation

Professional translation by professional editors and subsequent polishing work by foreign editors.

English reversion

Polishing by foreign editors (mother tongue is English) with professional medical science background.Polishing by foreign editors (mother tongue is English) with professional medical science background.

SCI paper agent submission

On the basis of the research field and topic of the manuscript, three target journals, which are potentially accepting the topic and the content of the paper, will be selected; then, based on the author’s opinion, the paper is submitted consecutively to the selected journals by our editor following the author guidelines of the journals. Detailed items include agent submission, response to reviewers letter correction, response to reviewers letter translation and polishing, reference sorting (Endnote), figure editing, statistical graph redrawing (histogram, gird, ling graph), manuscript abbreviation adaption according to the target journal regulations.

Chinese manuscript revision

For papers written in Chinese and not suitable for a SCI journal publication, the service flow is as follows: deep pre-review, communicating with the author regarding the revision opinions, rough draft revising details, final English polishing and agent submission.

Chinese academic text recomposing

Regarding Master these and doctoral dissertation has not been publish in any journal, revision work is limited to the primary data shown. Service flow is as follows: profound pre-review, recomposing communication opinion, rough draft composing, revision and translation, English polishing and agent submission.

English manuscript revision

For those manuscript not ready to be publish in a SCI journal, the service flow is: profound pre-review, revision opinions communication, rough draft revising as well as revising details and agent submission.

SCI paper publishing support

For those papers with revisions from SCI journals, or manuscripts for which the novelty and content is confirmed by the senior editor/foreign professional through a profound review, or those papers, which have weak points in the manuscript but can be easily corrected by the author, we can provide a comprehensive professional manuscript revising until paper is finally accepted by an SCI Journal.
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